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Thursday, July 01, 2004


That title doesn't sound quite as good for an action-packed fantasy epic as I wanted it to, but oh well.

I've been working all week, and while I didn't make any money Wednesday night (my manager made me clock in on waitress wage, but didn't give me my own tables, so I made about $10, plus $11 in tips that the waitress who was training my was nice enough to give me) I did make some fairly good money last night. Not great, but okay. I'm really hoping that this waitressing gig is going to start paying off.

Today while I was driving home from lunch at Steak and Shake with Seth, we were headed west on Republic Rd when we all of a sudden saw a wall of water. It was not raining at all, and then there was just this line on the road where the rain was coming down in buckets. It was really really cool looking, until I actually slammed into the wall of water and couldn't see anything. Seth madly rolled up his window and I grappled for the windshield wipers while hitting the breaks, hoping no one would run into me when they were suddenly blinded. Still, very cool. It kind of reminded me of the Monsoon that took place around this time last year. I love summer showers.

Today I was picking Seth up from his friend's house, and had a chat with the friend's older brother, a former classmate of mine. We talked about how this summer felt so odd... not chock full of teenaged fun like usual, but a more sober, contemplative no-mans-land between high school and college. We're all waiting for the fall... anticipating and dreading. It's just so suspenseful, I almost wish it was just hurry up and get here already. My life won't change too much since I'm still living at home, but what I'm most worried about is my own reaction. I'm prepared to be extremely disappointed, not academically, but socially. Ever since Prom I've become very cynical about the "big things" in life that we hold up to be so wonderful. I don't want to be disappointed again, so I'm trying not to have any expectations. Subconsciously, though, I'm expecting to meet my husband, so I know on the first day of all my classes I'm going to scan the room for contestants, and then not see any... thus facing a veritable desert of romance prospects for an entire semester. Oh well. What's one more semseter on top of 19 years?

Oh, and you must all go read this. Heather is hilarious.


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