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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Open Wound

I was entertaining the idea of calling him, but now I'm not going to.

this is the one thing in my life that still hurts, it's the one open wound that I still have, and they just keep rubbing salt in it.

my "friends" will not let it heal over, they just keep ripping it open again and again and again....

I mean, this is the ONLY THING I have that is off limits, it's the only sore spot I have, and they keep pressing on it.

after I poured out to her how much it hurt me that Linzy was going to Prom with him.

and how much he still affected me.
and how sensitive I was about it.

I specifically expressed to her how much it bothered me that any of my friends would be involved with him

and I told her time and time again that I would *never* pursue Raymond, even though I kinda like him.

and I wanted to go to Prom with Ray, but I didn't out of respect for her.

does that mean absolutely *nothing* to her?

have all of my warnings and horror stories fallen on deaf ears?


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