The Natatorium

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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Countdown: London

One week to go. I leave next Wednesday the 17th.

I was actually more freaked out 6 months ago than I am now. This sounds melodramatic, but 6 months ago I had connections, something to lose... I have friends now, of course, whom I will miss very much, but somehow I feel freer to just pick up and go. Just go.

My room is almost nearing a state that could in some cases be considered "clean."

I have been looking into dancing opportunities in London. Apparently "Lindy Hop" is bigger there than American East or West Coast Swing.

I guess I just don't quite know what to expect, but I feel remarkably stable. Look for a more Natalie-style breakdown next week. (Hopefully not.)

P.S.: I got an iPod Video! Yay! He's all sleek and black and will comfort me/lull me into a zombie-like state, so I named him Hypnos.


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