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Friday, October 17, 2008

The French Scorecard: Call it a Wash

+1: I'm getting internet! In my apartment! And TV! And a VoIP phone number on which I can call the US unlimited! Yay! You'll all start getting annoying, long-winded phone calls from me at 3:00 am. =D

-1: Stupid immigration laws say I can't go to the UK for the upcoming fall holidays. Even though my American passport lets me go wherever I want as a tourist, APPARENTLY there is some weird thing with my work visa, etc, that says I can't travel until I have a receipt from my carte de sejour (green card) application. Poo poo. Oh well, I guess I'll just go to Paris and see Amanda Palmer in concert instead.

+1: I'm going to Lille (the regional capital, very large city) on a weekly basis now for a French class with some other assistants. This is great because it a) fulfills my scholarship requirement b) is paid for by my scholarship c) will help me improve my french d) will allow me to see the other assistants often and e) gives me a reason to get out of Berck once a week.

-1: The last train back to Berck from Lille leaves at 5:21 pm everyday. This means that I spend 3 hours on the train in the morning, get to Lille just in time to go to the class, then have to literally RUN from the class to the train station as soon as it's over in order to get home that night. This means I don't have time to do much of ANYTHING in Lille besides the class itself, which is 3 hours long, including hang out with the other assistants. :(

+1: I live about 30 seconds from the ocean, which is really pretty.

-1: I live about 30 seconds from the ocean, which means some nights when I go home the wind is so strong that I can hardly make it up the hill. Oh well.

+1: Pain au Chocolat.

-1: Rabbit.

+1: Everyone here speaks French!

-1: No one here speaks English!!!

+1: I live in France now!

-1: I live in France now.


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