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Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Ah, smell that? The freshness of fall, and a new post! I zipped right over to Best Buy after school today and got Dido's new alblum, then listened to it in my room with the window open slightly so I could breathe the fresh (cold) air and hear the lovely fall rain. C'est Délicieux. Kecky, if you're out there I linked to your diary, and also: I LOVE JANE EYRE!!!!!!! Best book EVER!!! Although, I must say, not everyone thinks so, I'm afraid. People have actually described it as *boring* (I can't imagine why) and seem not to understand the eternal torment and joy of unrequited love by one who knows her own unworthiness. ::sigh:: It really is the most beautifully teen-girl-angst written novel. I also may warn you that love of the book runs in my family. It is my grandmother's *and* aunt's favorite book. Please give it a chance though.

Also, I wrote another poem. Bet you're getting tired of them. Too Bad! Read! Muahahahaha!

Saturday Night

Wind whips the stars around me
as I speed along the boarder
of city and isolation

You are so silent
next to me
that you aren't even there
and once again I rush alone
into uncertainty

When I arrive at the chaos
confusion and madness
are thinly contained
in fragile inhibitions

Eyes dart left and right
and unknowingly pass their disease
to me


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