The Natatorium

An emporium of oddities from around the world, complete with somewhat informative plaques that almost never match the item they are meant to be describing.

Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Hey! What do you know, I'm eighteen now. Wow. I can do anything... pretty much.... except drink and drive and rental car... So. This means I can do all sorts of things I couldn't do before. Like smoke, strip dance, be tried for crimes as an adult, and.... wait a minute.... I didn't really want to do any of that stuff anyway.... geez, this sucks. Well, at least I can vote. And get into clubs. But I'm sure that will get boring. Oh well. I'll do my best to take advantage of my newfound freedoms. Oh yeah. I took a personality test and ended up INFP, or "Healer". Duh. It was right on target, and plus I feel special because only about 1% of the population falls into my category... yet somehow many of my close friends are INFP. How is this true? I have a theory that the INFP's sort of gravitate together, you know, artistics and intellectuals, etc. Makes sense. I'm going to try to write more. I always say that.


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