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Friday, October 03, 2003

I'm tired but it feels wrong to go to sleep when there's no school tomorrow. Yay for three day weekend.

So I totally had a Calculus "Quiz" (test) that I completely didn't know about. I think I did okay though. I think. I hate not being confident about math; especially since I'm starting to enjoy it. Math should be a bit predictable, you know, but somehow it just.... isn't.

So if you're still reading this after the thrilling paragraph on MATH......

We nominated people for Homecoming Court yesterday. I know I know, everyone's rolling their eyes and going "Stupid, why are you typing about this, I had so much respect for you (or not) and now I hate you, moron." But seriously, I have a point.
My class ended up nominating a bunch of girls who:

A) Are all fairly intelligent
B) Are all very nice people
C) Are not snobby at all
D) Overall *deserve* the appreciation of their peers.

I suppose what I mean is, I'm very impressed with how not-superficial my class is. But then, we *are* the good class. It alternates at my school. Ex: If the class of 2004 is "good" then the class of 2005 will be "bad". I'm not kidding. It actually works that way.

And now the (more) relevant things I have to say.

I went to today and found that the author of the blog had an essay published on an online daily. I read it, and found that some people do very very much with their lives. Sometimes I'm afraid I might not be one of them. Because, you know, all 16-25 year olds are idealists who want to travel the globe spreading peace and love, but if everyone actually did it, the world wouldn't suck so much.

Along the same lines, a friend of mine reminded me of the AIDS crisis in Africa, and how he was thinking about starting a campaign soon to get local churches more involved. I very much agree with him; the church isn't doing nearly enough to help the situation. For more information on AIDS efforts in Africa, go to

Switching gears yet again, here's some random personal stuff:

Why can't you be a man?

I didn't want to hurt you but you're pretty when you cry.

And if that wasn't random enough, CAMPBELL 16 SUCKS!!!!!

I have a reason. Actually, like 6. Anyway, go to Goodrich 8 instead. Seriously. It's a conspiracy, and the amusement of whispering "Wehrenberg" isn't worth bowing to an evil empire.

Plus, Laura works at the 8. (Big discount, smily face)


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