The Natatorium

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Thursday, January 29, 2004

So I went crazy on a couple more guys in Team Sports today. I yelled at one guy for being mean (stealing the ball from me) and another for touching me (blocking). I really can't stand basketball anymore. I mean, I like it okay if I'm somewhat evenly matched and no one is touching me, but when people get all up in my face when I'm trying to do something, or they're invading my personal space, I get very, very cranky. It's not pretty. And this is the second time I've yelled at each of these guys. I feel kinda bad for them, especially the "touching" one. But what can I do, the whole situation just makes me want to scream.

On the plus side, I'm much less attracted to men right now. This whole "Gym Class" thing is really good for my anti-dating program.


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