The Natatorium

An emporium of oddities from around the world, complete with somewhat informative plaques that almost never match the item they are meant to be describing.

Sunday, January 25, 2004

I decided to go out when Eryn called me, even though I didn't really fee like it. I am infinitely glad that I did.

I had the most amazing conversation with Josiah. We talked for over two hours. He opened my eyes to some things that I had never quite understood, and he reminded me of things that I knew but had either forgotten or ignored.

He made me understand once and for all that we are bearers of light. We are children of God, we are vessels of the holy spirit, and as such, we are sons and daughters of unutterable worth. He revealed to me my issues with humility, guilt, and martyrdom. He reminded me of the most important thing; the lie that society has drummed into us since birth: we are *not* what we do. What we do is *not* who we are. Who we are is what God created us to be.

I know this paragraph is entirely inadequate to convey the weight of these concepts, and cannot compare in impact with a two-hour conversation. Still, I hope you all, Christian or not, meditate on these statements for just a few moments, because when I did, my outlook changed so radically that I know I will be living differently this week. It's like a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders-- I feel so free.

I hope you all discover how much you are worth.


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