The Natatorium

An emporium of oddities from around the world, complete with somewhat informative plaques that almost never match the item they are meant to be describing.

Saturday, January 24, 2004

Hannah and I went out to the Blue Room last night, again. The first band (which I can't remember the name of) was okay, even though they just played covers. Then about 50 drunken college students poured into the place to see Halfblind, who was having so many technical difficulties that by the time they started playing we got tired of hearing "woo" from the drunks and left.

The one good thing was that she showed me a cool new record store downtown, Indigo. It's very cool.

I wanted to go out tonight but I haven't been able to reach anyone. I think I'll just stay in and read some more of "A Tree Grows In Brooklyn", which I really love so far.


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