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Saturday, February 21, 2004

Well. It's over with. The Trustee Scholarship interview is finally behind me. Actually, it went quite well. In fact, I can't imagine how it could possibly have gone better, unless we'd had more time to talk. It was a far cry from the worst-case scenarios I'd imagined, where instead of telling them all the good things about me, I decided to tell them all the bad upfront, spouting off strange and deprecating facts like "I'm very messy" and "I don't understand the term 'parquet'."

Yesterday I had my vocal scholarship audition there as well, and it went very well also. I gave probably my best performance ever, I only messed up on the sightreading in one measure, and I spoke well of myself in the mini-interview.

Now all that lies between me and up to $112,000 is two weeks of waiting. Lots and lots of waiting. And then more waiting.

Last night I had another one of those dreams where someone was trying to kill me (death in dreams means change) and the cast was made up entirely of classmates and people from school whom I know on varying degrees. The 'assassin" after us was actually a kid from my Team Sports class that I don't know at all, but certainly don't perceive as very threatening. He's a sophomore, an athletic pretty boy with more confidence than he needs, and he's always grinning. Anyway, me and two or three other girls from school (who kept changing into other girls from school; they kind of shifted around) were fleeing from the assassin, who was apparently very good at what he did, as one of the classmates informed me. The same girl was kind of taking charge of the endeavor, as she usually tends to do in most things, and was telling us where we should go and what we should do, as usual. At first we were trying to escape from Nana's house (Nana was my 'nanny' from about 3 months to 10 years of age, and became a sort of adopted grandmother), and we were all very scared, and crawling silently on the floor through rooms trying to avoid our would-be killer and make it to a door.

We finally crept past him and ran out of the house and into Nana's neighborhood, rounding a corner just before he made it to the window to see us. By this time the girls with me had shifted into other people, but now they were pretty much nothing like their real-life counterparts. Furthermore, we were now approaching a lake (there is no lake in Nana's neighborhood) and still trying to escape the assassin. When we got to the water, he had caught up with us, but I jumped in and started to swim for the middle of the lake, which was starting to morph into an ocean. Apparently, he couldn't follow me into the water; it was out-of-bounds for him or something. I had previously instructed one of the girls with me to "try to seduce him" after she confided in me that she loved him. Before this, it was an accepted fact that he was un-seducable and in fact quite terrifying, and not in the sexy-scary kind of way, just the panicky wet-your-pants kind of way. However, for some reason I thought she could change him or something.

Later in the dream, I think I was alone with him and I took his hand, fighting his violence with love, and he had some kind of breakdown because he didn't understand love and I opened his eyes to the wonders of love and he threw down his weapons and became good and started crying and I healed him and blah blah blah cheeseball etc. It was very cool in the dream, but I know it sounds very stupid here.

Anyway. What I find interesting about this dream is the cast of characters. Other people in your dreams are really reflections of yourself; for instance, if there is someone in your dream who is very a very take-charge vigilant sort of person, they represent that side of yourself. This explains why in dreams you start out as one person and morph into another, or why you take over roles in dreams initially filled by another character. It's a very interesting study.

Well. I know that was long, but I haven't blogged for a few days. If you're still reading, yay for you for hanging in there. You should leave a comment to show off your fortitude.


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