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Monday, February 09, 2004

I stayed home sick today; it was the first day I've missed this year (meaning school year, not since January 1) so I decided what the heck, just take the day off. I took a bath, then watched first Aladdin, then Finding Nemo. It was an English Club day, so I had Heather take over for me. The Poetry Slam is tomorrow night.

My parents are leaving Wednesday for Miami, and they're leaving me here to watch The Child, who is now pissed at me because he thinks it's *my* fault that the 'rents aren't letting him go to the Puddle of Mudd concert. Which, you know, it might be partially, but mom didn't actually change her mind until some college kids at her office told her what a terrible place Remingtons is. People get stabbed there all the time. He's too young for crap like that.

They wouldn't let *me* go see *N'Sync* when *I* was 12. How can they justify sending him to Puddle of Mudd?

Thursday is the JETS competition in Rolla, so I get to get on a bus at 6:00am, travel for 2 hours, and then take an engineering test. Yippee! I'm co-captain again!


Saturday Night was Laura's party at Incredible Pizza. It was lots of fun. Kid stuff can be really underrated sometimes. It was made more fun because Raymond and his friend Merek work there, so they got us on rides for free and stuff, and we got to watch them play DDR together. They are so *cute* when they play DDR together! I love it! They're both really good, and they hit everything perfectly. It's so funny. I suck at DDR. Raymond and I still haven't gone clubbing. Soon my pretty, soon.... ::cackle::

My friend Jessica in LA wants to write a book with me. The concept is that she's writing it to herself when *she* has a daughter, so it's like advice from 20-year-old Jessica to 40-year-old Jessica about parenting a young adult or something to that effect. She has the ideas, but needs me to write it, because, well, that's what I do. So, I'll be collecting data (aka complaints) from the various teens and twenty-somethings around me to get ideas for the book. She has several relatives published in Psychology and self-help, so if this gets through it could be good experience and maybe help my career. We shall see. So with that in mind, complaints anyone? If anything comes to mind that you would want yourself to remember about parenting a young adult (aka stuff that pisses you off about your parents) leave it in the comments. I am officially your new complaint box.


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