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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I Was Just Asking For It

I should tell you first that my philosophy class is one of those classes that meet the following three criteria:

1. Very small

2. Mostly male


This means that I have a little bitty mind-crush on every single person in there, because I love the dynamic so much. For some people in the class, the crush is stronger than for others. The same thing happened with my upper-level physics class senior year of high school. If this sounds weird to you, that's because I'm a disturbing freak and I am literally IN LOVE with school, as I have been for many years.

So anyway. I was sitting in philosophy class today, and (as always) I raise my hand and start talking. My professor (analytical philosopher sci-fi geek from the Bronx) stops me about two words in and says, "Does your shirt say 'Talk Nerdy To Me'?" And yes, folks, it did. It says "Talk Nerdy To Me" and has a little drawing of a guy in glasses and a lab coat, pocket protectors and everything.

Everyone turns to look.

"Yeah, it does," I say, "Isn't that funny? Look at the guy, he has a pocket protector and everything."

My classmates make various amusing remarks, but the best comes from a guy in the front (the crush is strong with him) who says, "I can talk nerdy to you all day long."

I almost died. Luckily, the attention soon shifted back to my prof, whom the other kids were accusing of blushing. It was true, he was slightly pink; it was pretty funny. After a few minutes of laughing, we finally moved on from my shirt.

BUT LATER.... the Allies meeting, I was with a couple of my philosophy classmates, with whom I am slightly closer, and I asked them "Did you think [guy in front] was flirting with me today?"

Classmate one: "He kind of flirts with you every day, sweetie."

Classmate two: "Yeah, I've been waiting for you two to hook up all semester."

Hmm... so there you have it... is something interesting about to happen in my life? Probably not, but just in case, this is your advance warning.


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