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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Sunday Five???

Since Laura was late making the Friday Five, I'm late posting them. So there. At least I did it.

I would type about how busy I am with all my classes, but I'm.... uh... too busy.

Friday Five: Fancy Dinner Party

1. Who are the select few you invite?

I think I saw on the food channel that the proper number of people for a dinner party is 8. With that in mind, I would invite Hannah, Courtney, Laura, Anthony, Eryn, Cillian Murphy and Matthew Bellamy. I think that's a good mix. Equal balance of men and women. Yeah, I like it.

What sexy thing do you wear?

Let's see... I'm not really the cocktail type, so if we're talking super-fancy.... I'm going to have to go with an 18th century theme. Everyone in high dress. So, that would be a long, lavish skirt and a sexy let's-push-'em-up bodice. Hee hee. Bells in tails.

What do you serve as sustenance?

Sushi. Just for the hilarious contrast.


Howabout spin the.... er, umm...... no games, just organized dancing. Definitely some tango involved.

Now, how do you get these mongrels out of your house?

Well, even though I'm not *actively* serving alcohol, I'm sure they'll get into it, so Courtney and Bells will be passed out on the couch, most likely together, Laura will have engaged Eryn in a rousing conversation about the merits of ketchup, Cillian Murphy and Anthony will be in some sort of heated discussion, and I'll be trying to get wine out of the carpet. That means Hannah will be left to figure out what to do next. She'll probably handcuff Cillian and Bells to something sturdy and settle down on the couch until morning.


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