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Wednesday, November 23, 2005


That would be the sound of my most recent "possible relationship door" closing with superhuman force. Yeah, "Flirty Philosophy Guy" got a girlfriend. Just out of nowhere, apparently. Just, *BAM* girlfriend.

I swear, God better have some *really* *freaking* *awesome* guy set up for me, because with all this cosmic interference it's no wonder I still haven't had a boyfriend. Every time I meet someone with whom I think I could *possibly* be compatible, some kind of roadblock springs up.

And I know these roadblocks are probably for the best--they always have been in the past. When I look back on the relationships that almost were, I realize that it's better that they weren't; still, it is frustrating.

I'm glad God is playing Overprotective Big Brother with love life, because I'm sure I'd screw it up otherwise, but geez. I don't exactly need to be constantly reminded that I'm entirely undatable.

Okay, that was angsty. Moving on....

Went to see Harry Potter last Friday; so good! It was very funny, though I did feel that it was a little too happy, particularly at the end. I think it's supposed to be that way, though, because the last three books get really, really dark and I think the "innocence" of the earlier books needs to be emphasized so that there's a greater sense of loss in the future.

Oh, and Josh has a blog now.... here 'tis.


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