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Friday, July 18, 2003

Oh yeah. I wrote a song about Abortion. The lyrics run thus:

Liza Jane Lyrics

Chorus: Where have you gone
Little Liza Jane
Your voice shook the nations
Long before you came

You had so much to sing about
You had so much to give
It’s too bad you never got
The chance to live

Verse: From ancient times to present
Our story stays the same
We sacrifice our children
To the ever burning flame

We came here lookin’ for freedom
But got lost along the way
Our friends all turn to ashes now
I guess that’s the price you pay

Repeat Chorus

Verse: We want so bad to do what’s right
But don’t know where to begin
When human life is the price of the fight
What’s compassion, and what is sin?

So we make our hearts the battlegrounds
And our bodies the bargaining chips
We throw away what’s priceless
And through our very soul it rips

Repeat Chorus

Bridge: As the darkness blooms
Unrecognized by men
A little spark is growing
And a new light shines within

Final Chorus: So say goodbye to the future
Say goodbye to the past
My only hope and prayer for you
Is that you will find peace at last

Yeah, unlike *some* people who say they "wrote a song" when all they wrote was *lyrics*, I actually wrote a playable/singable tune, including accompainiment as well. So it really is a song.




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