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Tuesday, November 18, 2003

English Club movie night at the Cookie tonight. This month's film is some documentary on the Democratic party. I heard it was good. Just watch me come back here and rant out some long-@$$ post about how mad it made me. Stupid Michael Moore is in it. I hope they expose him for some evil... liberal... thing... ::ahem::

In other political news, I think I'm starting to change my views a bit (don't tell my grandpa). It's so difficult to reconcile my religion and my political beliefs. I'm really starting to lean towards Sam's ideals, I think. Obviously, the "safest" direction for a Christian like me is to go straight conservative-republican all the way. God in the school. God in the courthouse. God in the pledge and God on the money. Not to mention Mr. Prezzie Bush himself, with all his God-talk in his speaches. But.... I'm starting to see so much wrong with that. I used to be full steam ahead like my conservative Christian peers, trying to keep God everywhere He could be. I was outraged at the thought of "under God" being removed from the pledge. I loved the fact that Bush was bringing his personal convictions into the office. It felt like we had one of Our Own in the high place of power, and Our Cause was going to benefit from it, not to mention the country would be steered in the right direction. Now I have some doubts, and it's mostly about things Sam has said. He's said that the US is acting like a nation that believes itself to be ordained by God, when it isn't. There has been no indication of such, unless you measure our wealth and power, and that was never a good indicator of who is "God's favorite". The only nation he has ever sided with is Israel. No one else. So why are we acting like Jesus's personal Enforcers? How do we know what the will of God is?

Furthermore, I'm beginning to believe more and more that the separation of church and state should be more strictly enforced. Yes, I'm a Christian and believe in God, but the government isn't an institution of God. It's an institution of the world, which God calls us to be separate from. He commands us to submit to the authority of our country's laws, but it isn't the government's job to legislate religion and morality. It's the church's job to spread the good word and encourage people to live Christ-like lives, it's the government's job to keep order.

Gay marriage is a tougher one for me, because it crosses the political/religious boundary. Normally I would say, "America is about freedom, restricting the rights of gays is prejudice." I don't condemn homosexuals any more than I condemn premarital sex. They are equally wrong in my opinion, and the Bible says all sins are equal. I do not, as a sinner myself, have the authority to condemn anyone. I don't even really have the authority to interpret the word or will of God. The best I can do is encourage others to accept Christ and to study His word, hoping it will speak to their hearts in the way God sees fit. I cannot judge their lives. But marriage.... marriage *is* an institution ordained by God, and the requirements are more specific and clear-cut. I have to say, I'm completely at a loss on how to handle this one. It's an issue I'm really torn on.

This post is a lot longer than I intended it to be. Please comment on this one, I would really like to hear *lots* of opinions. I promise you won't be stoned for your beliefs. ;)


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