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Thursday, November 20, 2003

I was momentarily shocked and afraid when I visited Telescope Eyes the other day to see *my* *piano*. Then I realized that the artist of Telescope Eyes slept at my house Saturday night. Being blonde can often be quite harrowing.

I got a call this afternoon informing me that I have been accepted to Drury! Yay! Now all that remains of my evil plan is to recieve every possible scholarship... ::evil cackle::

We started Hamlet in AP Lit today, a classical work that I had always intended to read but somehow never did... school can be useful like that sometimes. I'm only in Act II, and already I see several similarities between Hamlet and many of my male companions... past and present. Not necessarily in a good way, either. I'm sure this experience will prove to be another incident of psychological warfare. ::sigh:: Why am I so mentally unstable? 'Tis such an inconvenience.

Speaking of the (estranged) object of my dysfunction.... it seems he's still feeling the burn. This is unfortunate. I don't want him to be upset, I want what I've always wanted--for him to be happy. I really wish he can do that, and learn to let go and move on, as he told me so many times to do. There's just nothing for it.

Hannah wrote an excellent short story a few months ago, which I finally read yesterday. She needs to post in online somewheres so's all y'alls out thar in cyberspace can take a fine gander at it... ::ahem:: sorry for the hick accent, it must be an aftereffect of watching the school production of The Robber Bridegroom yesterday. This is going to sound very sad, but I was oddly... affected by it. The story was kind of my idea of the perfect (deeply wrong) passionate romance... though of course the setting was rather... terrible. Considering my background. Anyway, the deeply wrong part puts it out of the realm of possibility, but I already had a novel taking shape in my mind with a similar theme, so I might as well capitalize on the fantasy.

Oh! And this:

You are Fear

are Fear

You are embarking on exciting new opportunities and relationships
but your insecurities and feelings of self-doubt are totally consuming you.
You just need to chill out and enjoy the moment!

Sarah McLachlan Song Are You?

Created by Noor

Fare thee well.


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