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Thursday, November 27, 2003

A new reader challenged me in the comments of my last post to list my top ten songs/albums/artists on my blog. As Sam well knows, I find this nearly *impossible* to do. I can't pick a favorite anything, let alone *list* things, *in* *order*. He used to ask me to do this a lot, and I'm sure was subjected to a great deal of frusteration. The best I can do is list (in no particular order) *some* of my favorite artists. Here goes.

Natalie Merchant
Sigur Ros
Damien Rice
Ben Folds
Norah Jones
Justin Timberlake
Christina Aguilera
No Doubt
Sarah McLachlan
Dixie Chicks

And this really only reflects what I can think of right now. I hate doing this. I'm sure there's a lot more rock stuff that I just can't think of right now.

This quiz didn't have a picture but I liked it anyway.

Your soul is bound to the White Rose: The

"I've been waiting in the dark for a long
time, shining my beacon of hope through the
shadow. If you see me, don't you hide your
eyes from me."

The White Rose is associated with purity, honor,
and chastity. It is governed by the goddess
Artemis and its sign is The Cross, or Agape.

As a White Rose, you are a person of your word.
You may have a strong moral code, but
regardless of your virtue, you always stay true
to yourself. To you, love is the most pure of
emotional forms and it's just a matter of
waiting for it to bless you. Some people may
say you are too idealistic, but it's only
because you don't want to mess things up.

What Rose Is Your Soul Bound To?
brought to you by Quizilla


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