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Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Well... the verdict is in.... my Calculus test is an A!!! It's an 80% without curve, but with curve it should be around 93%. I was shocked to learn that I actually did better than some of my more math-oriented supergeek friends. I would have done better if not for the stupid chain rule. Curse you, chain rule!

I'm actually thinking about staying in Calc for the 3rd quarter and taking the AP exam. I'm sure you're all shocked, gazing in alarm and all that. But really. I like a challenge, and I love feeling like I'm learning something. I feel like I'm improving myself everyday in that class.

We got out early today, and now I have FOUR DAYS OF NOTHING!!! HAHAHAH!!! My only homework is stupid Hamlet questions, and I can do those fast. Wheee! Thanksgiving rules. I would be so sad if I lived in a country with no Thanksgiving. It really is one of the most important holidays. I mean, we all just really need to stop and think about how blessed we are. We should do it every day, so the least we can do is have a holiday once a year for it.

I wrote a poem about high school tonight. Or maybe it's about me. Or high school. Or me. Or both.

Judge Me Not

Judge me not by my Radiohead love
Or more accurately, my lack thereof.
It’s not because I don’t have a soul
But because I have wounds that have taken their toll

Judge me not by my hippie clothes
I promise tomorrow I’ll wear grunge
Categorize me not as a stick-up-her-nose
I have a right to choose how hot my blood runs

Judge me not by my love for Buffy
Old habits die hard, and she’s a part of me
From when I didn’t know who I was
Anyway she killed her angel with her love
and he returned the favor
I can relate.

Judge me not by my car, bought with my dad’s cash
Look closely and you’ll see an Uppity chant
Look closer and you’ll see Henry on the dash
Headbanging his way down the road

Judge me not by my psychotic mood swings
It simply means my iniquities have caught up with me
A little chocolate will do the trick
Just don’t ever tell me to try and be happy

Judge me not by my 4.833333
I promise I’m just as lazy as you
Judge me not by my voice or the way that I sing
I really have lots of things to do

And please don’t insult yourselves
By judging my face, hair, shoes or bag
You all deserve so much better than that
Don’t you dare let me hear you say the word “fag”

Better yet, scratch all that,
I’ve changed my mind
Judge me with your standard
Of any superficial kind

Yet I request therefore
And my new protocol demands
That you hold off till you’ve felt
The weight of my mind in your hands

Because everyone has a story
Not all the chapters are filled with roses
And no one knows how it ends
Just make sure that when the book closes
You have a few less enemies than friends

And I took a quizilla. I didn't like my results so I went back and tried to doctor it (i promise i've never done that before) but I ended up with the same results *again*, so I guess I have to stick with this.

You're just the happy go-lucky type. You might have
your pet peeves, but other than that, you're
mainly calm. Blending in with your
surroundings, you're the type of person who
everyone likes. Usually it's you who cracks
jokes at social gatherings - after all,
laughter is the best medicine. Sometimes you
pretend to be stupid, but in all actuality, you
could be the next Einstein.

What Type of Soul Do You Have ?
brought to you by Quizilla

Peace out.


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