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Saturday, November 22, 2003

Last night Hannah loaned me her old violin, so I took it today to get a new bridge put in, and will shortly begin teaching myself. I have silently promised my family that I will only practice when they aren't home.

Following my trip to the music store, I went to be a bell ringer for the Salvation Army at the mall. I was paired with an old friend, so it wasn't a chore at all. Gave us two hours to catch up.

The best thing I did today was go to the Beartones concert with Heather. They are definitely the most attractive group of 12 young men in the entire area. They're SMSU's a cappella men's group, and they sing many types of music, from gospel to pop, all a cappella and usually with beatboxing, too. ;) My favorite songs tonight were probably "Crazy Love" (I nearly cried) and "Let's Get It On" (completely hilarious). Agh. They're all *so* cute! And so musically and vocally talented!!! Heather and I were swooning the whole time. We each picked out one for our future husband, though of course we realize that only very, very lucky girls get Beartones. ::sigh:: I know, it kinda sounds like a boyband, and it basically is, except that they're all extremely talented and they mostly arrange their own music, and did I mention it's a cappella? The sound is really incredible. I love them.

They also performed "Great Gettin' Up Mornin'" , "Clocks", "I Gotta Get Through This", "The Longest Time", "Boardwalk", "Stand By Me", "Superman", and lots lots lots more. Excellent. The phrase of the night was: "I want one!"


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