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Sunday, December 07, 2003

You can see a recent conversation I had with michael here. I'm the "A Friend" yay!

I had a very strange dream this morning. I was in my room, and someone brings in a baby girl for me to see. She's probably about 18 months or so, starting to stand. They tell me she can do a trick, if I hold her hands, so I do and she sort of puts the soles of her feet on my legs so that I was holding her up.... then she sort of did a dance. And while she danced, she split into twins, attached a certain points, Siamese style. Then she split into quads. Then I put her down, and she divided again, and shank, into translucent, fetal-looking organisms. Then they sort of curled up like little clear beetles, and reminded me of something from "Minority Report". I then recall traveling somewhere else.... to a house in the mountains, I think, and the translucent beetle-fetuses coming with me, only they continued morphing. Soon they were back into one being, this time a middle aged, skinny, kind of homeless looking man. He was a mutant, I think with the ability of telekinesis. Later he returned to the form of a two-year-old girl, and looking from my room across the hallway into the bathroom, I could see drops of water on the tile floor, sizzling as though in a skillet. When I stepped into the room I could see "her/him/beetle fetus" levitating the water in the toilet. I think more accurately "his/her/beetle" power was controlling water, like Magneto controls metal. "Her/Him/Beetle Fetus" continued to morph into different characters throughout the dream, though I of course was not surprised by this at all, and I knew it was always the same person, just in different forms. I always felt the same... presence. The presence I felt was that of an adult, someone on an equal intellectual level with me, and a human mutant. I was "his" friend... I believe he was intrinsically male.

We traveled to many places and did many things. It was a very interesting dream.


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