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Saturday, February 28, 2004

Thursday was exhausting. I left the house at 7:30am and didn't return until 10:30pm, at which time I took myself directly to bed. When I woke up 7.5 hours later, I was still tired. Puh.

One good thing about yesterday is that I saw "The Importance of Being Earnest" as performed by Parkview High School. It was okay, the best part was the young actress playing Lady Bracknell, who was absolutely incredible. In the cappies room they had free food as usual, but this time it was served on china, and we had little tea sandwiches and hot tea in little china cups from a silver tea set, and I was nearly ecstatic. I must have a garden party in May. However, while the cucumber sandwiches were cute, they were not at all substantial, and I nearly slipped into a diabetic coma during the third act. One meal a day didn't quite suffice my demand for calories, and yet I didn't lose any weight. Hmm.

While reading Seventeen today (yes, it can be a relevant magazine) I happened upon a sidebar advertising their "America's Sweetheart" contest, tagline: "Let's make a real girl our role-model!". I almost moved on, but then noticed the acronym "GPA" in the text. Upon reading the paragraph, I found out that they're looking for a girl who is motivated to improving the lives of others while succeeding in school. It sounded interesting until I read that the prize was being featured in a future issue, which didn't quite sound appealing. However, as I came to the end of the text, I saw that the grand prize was a paid internship at Seventeen! I never was much for tooting my own horn, but an internship at Seventeen Magazine would be an unparalleled experience--there's no telling how much it could help me in terms of become a better writer, a better networker, and a better activist. Now all I have to do is figure out how to win....


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