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Thursday, August 19, 2004

Nice... Eyes...

At work tonight the most surprising thing happened. I was serving a customer, getting his drink, taking his money, etc... and then I looked up at him while handing him his change. Can I just say, ZOWEE. He was filthy, sweaty, unshaved, dishelved, and had a huge hole in the right front leg of his pants, much like all the other hick-ish looking guys on his softball team. He was 100% pure Nixa. In all of these ways, he was no different than any of the other 500 guys at the softball park that night, but OMG... he had the most incredible eyes I've ever seen. They were an ice blue, a sort of penetrating, crystallized light that pierced through his rough and dirty exterior, like two diamonds sparkling out from amongst the folds of rough burlap.

I have never, ever, ever been attracted to someone I just met like that, especially not a *customer*. It wasn't just, "wow, that's a good looking guy" (I see tons of perfect male bodies working at a *softball park*), it was more like, "wow... uh, here's your.... blue... uhm, I mean, er... my shirt says Bud Light". He totally saw right through me. All of his friends were being loud and ordering more drinks from me, shoving their money at me, etc, and through all of this he just kept looking at my eyes, and talking to me in this steady, calm voice that somehow was clearer than all the guys yelling around me. He thanked me, and asked me to come back. When I came back around the second time, it was pretty much a repeat. He asked me my name, and told me his. He asked if I worked every Wednesday night. I said something stupid like, "Oh, I'm here a lot... uhm, it depends... I, er.... umpshths..." No, seriously, I actually said the "umpshths".

It was really, really, really bizarre. Men don't get to me like that. They don't. He must have been a mutant or something. With hypno-eyes. Yeah. That makes more sense than the possibility that I'm a young stupid girl whose knees get all jelloid at the sight of some random ball-player's eyes. Psh.


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