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Monday, October 11, 2004

From Party to Prison to Africa

I don't really have anything to write about, but I felt compelled to update.

Oh! I know. I'll relate to you some dreams of late.

In one of them, I was hanging out at a party in an old abandoned factory... sort of a conglomerate of various Buffy sets. My cousin Curtis then showed up rather inexplicably, looking nothing like himself, and introduced me to his friend Westin. Yes, Westin; not to be confused with Dustin, even though he looked *exactly* like Dustin, if not for the fact that Westin had jet black hair and dressed differently. Westin turned out to have a different personality, too, but Curtis seemed to have a bet going with him that I would think he was Dustin... though why my cousin thought I was so incredibly dim is beyond me.

Anyway, I think I ended up blowing both of them off, even though Westin was rather interesting and had been telling me about his job, which somehow involved books. Yes, I am boring.

Next, I jumped in my car and started driving down Walnut Lawn. At one point, Curtis and Westin were there, but they disapparated as soon as the situation got sticky. How did it get sticky, you ask? Well, it seems that as I was driving, I ended up behind a caravan transporting prisoners. Somehow, I got too close to the caravan and my car got sucked into the bus carrying all the Big Scary Convicts. My car then diapparated as well, leaving me on my own in a bus with forty huge men and their tattoos. Thoroughly deflated and put-out that everyone had disapparated on me, I resigned myself to the slim hope of being able to charm the prisoners into not gang-raping and killing me. Then I turned and saw my friend Jenny, from Summerscape, was among the ranks. We greeted each other and I was instantly popular with all the Big Scary Convicts, who were now my friends. It seems that they loved Jenny, and thus loved me. Jenny was in prison for being crazy, and I figured that since my mental state was on par with hers, I could just as easily be in the same position, so I was one of them.

We got to the destination prison and were hanging out having a jolly good time when the boys decided to lead a prison revolt. Unfortunately, my Uncle Matt was one of the prison guards, and there wasn't a thing I could do for him. The really big and bad guys sent me, Jenny, and a bunch of other prissy prisoners out immediately, then locked themselves in with the guards to turn the tables a little. I'm sure it wasn't pretty, but that's when I woke up.

Last night I was in "Africa" where I was trying to negotiate with some company about the rights of the indigenous people. Said indigenous people were romping about having a dandy time around a giant crater-like beach; the ocean (which was a perfect turquoise blue) was at the bottom, and the sand of the beach rose up around it like a cliff, creating a single giant sand dune. The men had beautiful patterns of white paint on their faces, and the women wore bright lengths of cloth. I wanted to stop messing with the business people and jump in the ocean.

That's all I can remember, but I'm certain there was much more.


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