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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Split Personality

Disclaimer: If you haven't seen Fight Club, you may not get some of these connections, and I beg you not to ask anyone about the movie or think about it to much. Please, just see it. There have been few moments in my life where I have been more grateful than when I realized no one had told me how this movie ends, though they had the opportunity, and I was getting to experience it for myself. Someone ruined the Sixth Sense for me, and I'm still rather bitter about it. So please, maybe don't even read this post. But since some of you are masochists, I'm going to be intentionally vague.

Tonight I saw Fight Club. I had been meaning to see it for a long time, and somehow I finally did. I absolutely loved the freakin' crap out of it. It is now one of my favorite movies, and as soon as I realized that fact, I imagined myself telling someone what my favorite movies were. I have no definitive *absolute* *favorite* movie, just several that are on equal footing. They are as follows, in no particular order, absolutely equal in their awesomeness: Fight Club, Donnie Darko, Ever After, The Saint, Gosford Park, My Fair Lady. It is at this point I realize that another person, upon hearing my list, would think I have a split personality. And so I may.

After watching the movie 1.5 times (re-screened a few scenes to catch details) I went upstairs to the bathroom to wash my face &ct. When I looked at my hands, I noticed another raised blister. I started noticing the blisters about two days ago, always at night right before bed. They come from calluses on my palms that start to peel off. Most of the calluses are at the bases of my fingers. Every time I notice them, I wonder where they come from. The only time in my life that I've had calluses in those places on my hands was when I used to swing from the pull-up bars on the playground doing flips and tricks all recess every day. I scour my brain trying to figure out where they come from, what tasks I could be performing with my hands that would cause such marks. Writing? Typing? Driving? Playing piano? Carrying purse? None of it fits the bill. I considered that they could be from my rings, but there are calluses where my rings don't rub, and I've been wearing the same rings for months and years, why calluses now?

There seems to be no explanation. There are more and more calluses all the time, along the same line of force or friction, whatever is causing them. I begin to wonder.... am I going to bed earlier? Waking up later? Do I have bathtubs in my basement? Do people call me sir?

I am Jack's complete and utter bafflement.

My advice: stay out of major cities for a couple of days.


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