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Saturday, January 08, 2005

So This Is The New Year

It pretty much feels like last year. New Year's Resolutions are pretty much made to be broken, so I don't make them. I do, however, set a few guidelines ("They're more like guidelines, really.") for myself to follow in the coming year. Last year's guidelines went well, so I think I'm going to keep them again this year.

Guideline #1. Draw closer to God, focus on following His plan for my life, work on discerning what that plan might be.

Guideline #2. Focus on responsibilities; be successful in school and at work.

Guideline #3. DO NOT under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES *fall* *in* *love*.

All of the guidelines are extremely important in maintaining my life as I wish it to be. I've got a cushy little non-suicidal setup here, I'm going to stick with it as long as possible.

In other news, I was interviewed by 417 Magazine last night. Then I watched Garden State. V.v. good.

Oh, and don't ask how my New Year's Eve was, because it sucked. It's a very long, involved, complicated story that has evovled over the past 6 years. Anyway, it was just bad, except for one brief interlude of dancing. In fact, I was so miserable that it was the one time in my life where I really, truly, desperately wanted a drink. But of course, no alcohol was to be had. Ironic.

Okay kids, your turn now. Here's the part where you share all of *your* New Year's Resolutions and the rest of us proceed to tempt the pants off of you until you break them.

I didn't mean that literally. If anyone has dirty resolutions involving pants, feel free to keep those to yourself.


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