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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Music Music Music

Went to see Eisley in St. Louis w/ Hannah and Amanda on Wednesday. You can see a pic of us on their myspace page at We're in the pic of The Pageant at St. Louis, just above the far left end of Stacy's keyboard.

It was tons of fun. The district we were in was right next to WashU, so there were a lot of used book stores, record stores, vintage clothing stores, etc. I got a skirt at Rag-O-Rama and some gifts at a fair trade store. The show was awesome and I got Sherri and Chauntelle to sign the sides of my Chuck T.

On the long drive home, the three of us decided that we were going camping and we were going to bring:

Bust of Abraham Lincoln
Catskill Island Shore
Dominos Pizza
Egalitarian Viewpoint
Friggin' Large Suitcase
Geoffery the Giraffe
Italian Dictionary
Jewel's New CD
Kelly Ripa
Lima Bean
Neoclassical Literature
Olive Oil
Peter Piper's Peck of Pickeled Peppers
Rolling Stone Magazine (we still don't know why)
Whimsical Chiffon
Zippo Lighter

And then we found $20.

Oh! And I got one of those Dell Pocket DJ MP3 players. As I told my father, "But the iPod's click wheel design is intrinsically superior!" and as he then told me, "But this one is intrinsically free!" It's not pink and fashionable, but what's in a name? I don't want to turn into a brand snob now. The corporations want us to develop product loyalty. Also, yeah, this one was free. Another *major* advantage is that I can get Napster with this one, which means all my downloads are $15 a month, a flat rate, instead of $1 a song. Also, my first month is free so I'm currently downloading the whole world. Stand in awe of my music-accumulating power.


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