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Friday, March 17, 2006

A Growing Obsession

You get three guesses for "Why Is Natalie SO ECSTATICALLY freaking happy"

1) She just finished her midterms and has a week off from school.


2) Her house was not destroyed by the tornado that wrecked houses to her immediate south and left insulation in her trees.


3) The Dresden Dolls just announced that the official sheet music and companion book will be released in April


Also, from my Obsession's blog:

"I started to get airportitis on the terminal shuttle waiting area. We accidentally developed a new game called "beached". I lay down on the ground and told brian I was a beached manatee. He said that a manatee wouldn't flail its arms out like that, so I scrunched them in. He then listed off names of beached animals (norwall, scallop, lobster) and I would do my best to imitate, writhing on the floor while we waited for the shuttle to terminal 5.. Emily noted that we were freaking out the midwesterners. My voice is coming back, but I can feel my sore throat in my bottom teeth."

Hannah: We are so totally playing "Beached" when we're waiting in crowds at Bonnaroo. I think it rocks the pants off of our "Indie Camping Trip" game. Even if the latter one does allow us to say "Catskill Island Shore" about 20 times.


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