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Thursday, March 11, 2004

Well, yeah. So the scholarship thing kind of sucks, but as for the black dust, it turns out that there wasn't really anything wrong with me that 5000 calories and a hot British guy in Venice couldn't fix. My pseudo-boyfriend Hannah (all the camaraderie, none of the making out!) took to out to dinner and a movie. Sort of. More like, me pick up Steak and Shake, she buy movie tickets, us watch hot British guy. The end. However, he did have a nice accent, and there was a chocolate shake involved, so I think I'm better now.

I should start calling Hannah "diet boyfriend", like Diet Dr. Pepper or something.... hmm..... but somehow, I don't think I'm losing any weight on the "diet boyfriend" plan. I should try the Subway diet. Wait, she works at Subway... creepy.

Excuse me. You can attribute that last paragraph to either a mental hiatus or neurological flatulence, whichever you prefer. I am better now. ::ahem::

The Talent Show was yesterday, and while everyone else said it sucked, I thought it was quite good. There were three bands and all of them rocked my face off, but especially Todd's, not just because he reads this but because they really were awesome. I sat next to Katelyn, and I think I scared her with all of my squealing, etc. There were too many boys with guitars in the room and my head almost exploded, but I think I've returned to normal now. The musician effect is only temporary, but quite debilitating I assure you. Actually, 3 out of 4 possible prom date candidates were on stage yesterday, and wouldn't you like to know who they are.... ::snicker::... heh.. probably not.

Besides the, er, rather attractive rock boys, Denver sang a Sinatra song. Yes, he sang a Sinatra song. I don't know why, but even if he can't really sing, he did look dashing in his tux. That's pretty much all I could say today when I saw him. "Nice tux." I know I should have been more supportive, but I don't lie. Eh.


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