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Friday, April 29, 2005

Sunny Sweets

The title comes from a little live-art thing I did tonight at work, which basically consisted of me arranging leftover candies in a sun pattern on the break room table. As though I didn't have two acts of Merchant of Venice to read. Still, it led Jeanette (coolest manager in history of the universe) to inquire if I was a writer, becaue I'm so creative and put things so well. Yay for me. Who wants a sunny sweet?

I worked things out with my advisor from the Mirror, and it's cool now. It's kind of complicated, but the nub and thrust was that there was a miscommunication about the reapplication process, and she wasn't sure where to put me, and the paper was changing next year, etc etc etc. She said she'd love to have me work with them again, as a copy editor or writer even next year, but there weren't any paid positions left open. Anyway, it was cool to have everyone all righteously indignant for me over the whole ordeal for the past few days... especially Hannah, who seemed more upset about it than I did. Actually, I think she still is, so I wouldn't mention anything about it if you see her... it's like someone mentioning Martha Daugherty around me. It's not pretty.

In case you haven't noticed, things aren't really doom and gloom around here anymore (nether gloom!!!!). I seem to have acquired the odd and unprecedented ability to get over things... relatively quickly. It's an interesting phenomenon, and I wonder if it will last.

Just two more weeks until I am released into the fantastical never-never land of summer, though actually if I can just get all my big projects done this weekend, my cares will be over with. Except for the psychology final. My grade is riding on that mutha.

Oh, and Ben Folds has a new CD out. Who knew?


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