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Thursday, March 30, 2006

More Screaming

Did I mention that I won free tickets to see The Dresden Dolls at a "Second Chance Prom" formal event in KC? ::screams hit supersonic levels::


Yes, I am quite happy about that. Quite happy indeed. Other than that, my Spring Break was uneventful. I went to KC with the fam and then worked 6 days in a row. Woo-hoo.

I did not do any homework.

Then I went back to college, tried to hurry up and do all my homework at the last minute, and ended up scouring the net (it wasn't hard) for anything I could find about "Snakes On A Plane." Stupid Hannahrama.

Meanwhile, Laura is a genius with a camera. In fact, I'm starting to suspect there are darker forces at work here... Laura's photos make me look *lovely* (obviously evil).

This is a weird, disjointed blog entry. I'm too lazy to make it make sense. Maybe I should start posting some short stories on here.... I've been writing some 2-5 page short pieces for the small periodical literary magazine on campus. If you like the idea of reading *short* short stories (and possibly some flash fiction) here, vote yes in the comments. If you vote no, you must present your objection in form of verse.


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