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Wednesday, December 10, 2003

So I checked my phone last night and there was a message from Emily saying tha The Cookie was closed! I called and got an answering machine message informing me that The Cookie had closed on December 5 and wouldn't reopen! I was extremely upset, because I *love* that place and where *else* are we going to watch cool art house movies??? However, I decided that since I had told a bunch of people that they had BETTER COME, I would go ahead and go to The Cookie to meet people as they arrived, so they wouldn't just show up and find a dark locked building. I figured we could go to the mudhouse instead or something like that. Of course I was still quite disappointed, since the only way to get a copy of Chance is to buy it with a movie poster and signed photo for $45, which is money I don't have. I searched the net for a long time trying to find an alternative, but there wasn't one because Amber doesn't have a proper distributer. I was very sad indeed. I just missed probably my only opportunity to see the movie.

When Courtney and I got there, we saw a light on and some people moving around the kitchen. I thought they were just cleaning up shutting down, etc, but Courtney said we should go ahead and ask. So we went in and talked to the people in there, and the owner, Steve, said that he was closed but they were going to go ahead and watch the movie, and not only did he invite us to join them, but he said we could help ourselves to the fridge since he was out of business anyway! I had a berry Fuze and Courtney got a bottle of water and a cactus Fuze. I called Heather to tell her what was up, and she showed up a few minutes later. Long story short: we got to see the movie! I was so excited. One of Steve's friends, a woman who was there, had bought a copy over the internet and had also gone to Birmingham to see the premier! And get this-- not only did she *meet* Amber Benson, but she gave her a *hug*!!! W00t!!!

The movie was really good, though I'll have to admit I probably wouldn't have liked it nearly as much if James Marsters hadn't played the leading guy. He was so incredibly adorable, and he still had his Spike hairstyle because I think they filmed this while he was having to film Buffy. It was awesome to see him in regular jean-and-tee-shirt clothes, and even in a *dress* at one point... though that's a long story.

Needless to say, the woman who had bought the movie was a HUGE Buffy fan, and we talked for several minutes about Buffy-this and Buffy-that and which season was the best and yadda yadda yadda, much to the bafflement of the other people in the room, who I guess were also Steve's friends and aged from Gen-X to mid 40's. The woman herself was probably in her late 30's, so it was really hilarious that we were just going on and on about this show while my friends and her friends looked on in confusion. It was great, and I learned a lot, like how there's seminars on just Buffy, and people write papers and analyses on it, about symbolism and pop culture and all kinds of stuff.

It was very cool.

Then Courtney and I went to the Mudhouse, because I *thought* Heather was meeting us there but apparently she got freaked out about downtown and decided not to. I did see Janae and her friend Peter there, though, which was cool. I always run into people at the mudhouse, every time I go there, and I often frun into the Shorts in particular downtown. We talked for a bit and she was looking at the new issue of Spin magazine, which had a beautiful picture of Chris Martin on it (Coldplay, band of the year!) so I drooled over that for a bit.

Then Courtney and I got into a discussion about sort of a romance situation she was thinking of getting involved with, and I was telling her that the guy had serious psychological problems and the age difference was unnatural (and I was very right). While arguing with her, I noticed that sitting at the table next to us was a man who appeared to be about 46, and he was sitting alone and halfway pretending to read a book while actally looking at us as much as possible and listening in on our conversation. This went on for several minutes, but I ignored it until he actually butted in on our conversation and said something about how age doesn't matter in true love, or something to that effect, but I couldn't really understand very well what he said because he spoke so softly, and I didn't want to ask him to repeat it becuase I knew I wouldn't understand him even if he said it again (don't you hate that?). Anyway, he was taking Courtney's side, and I would have argued with him if it weren't for the facts that a) he was a 46 year old man sitting alone and watching us b)he was butting in on a private conversation he knew nothing about and c)I knew I hadn't understood precisely what he'd said and I didn't feel like arguing with someone I couldn't properly hear. So, I just sort of ignored him and went back to talking to Courtney, and when one of us said something about the argument we were having, he once again leaned in and said "I just ended it", and looked pretty self satisfied and smug, as though he had thoroughly blown my argument to pieces (which he hadn't) and had entirely settled the issue (which he hadn't) and had entirely defeated me (which he hadn't). I was extremely annoyed, but decided to reserve the rest of the conversation for the car, where I could have a private discussion with my friend.

So annoying.

Janae and Peter had been absent from our table at this time, while Janae talked to a (very hot) friend of hers that had just walked in. When they returned, Peter shook the man's hand said something about inviting him to a church, in a perfect and admirable display of friendliness, manners, and Christ-like love. I was quite jealous of him for being so smooth with the man, who I would prefer to have no future contact with. Even after Courtney and I started ignoring him, I noticed that he kept looking at us and at times his book was actually upside down. I mean come on, he could have at least pretended to be reading it.


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