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Thursday, December 11, 2003

This afternoon I baked four and a half-dozen sugar cookies (with icing) for the party, thought it looks as though the very existence of the party may be threatened due to the possibility of large amounts of snow coming in Friday night. I hope I hope I hope everyone can still come!!!

We had our all-choirs Christmas Concert tonight, and I finally got to sing Fruitcake with the past graduates. It's something I've looked forward to for my whole life. I know that may sound sad, but it's just been a part of me for so long. Since I've been about 9 years old I've had this heart-wrenching desire to wear that gold robe.... and sing Fruitcake. ::sigh::

At the concert were *his* mother and older sister, because *his* younger sister is in Chorus 2. He wasn't there, though. Nonetheless, I was standing near where his mother and sister were sitting, and it was hard not to look at them. At one point I looked too long and started reminiscing--before I stopped myself. I didn't give the tears much of a head start, they were forced into submission before they were fully formed. His mom saw me after the concert, smiling, and I smiled back. I wonder if she understands what happened. Probably not.

Anyway, I saw this on Charlee's blog tonight, and it pretty much describes the theme of my life during the past couple of months.

"In life, we never know how far we have moved on and grown until we look back upon the others who had to be left behind. From the termoils, mistakes, and steps that must have taken place in order to keep yourself from falling but yet going on farther away from the people you knew--that is how we grow into ourselves. The milestones that are reached are not exactly noticable while we are there, but as we reflect upon where we used to be and where are other friends are, we realize how far we have come in order to achieve this distance. It isn't easy to keep going when you know you have to leave your comrades behind, yet it is essential for survival. Some may see it has cold or heartless even though it really isn't. They will soon see that someday they will face similar challenges and will be required to do so if they truly do not want to fall back."

Amen. And beautifully written. Yay for Charlee.


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