The Natatorium

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Wednesday, March 17, 2004

I'm learning to crochet, and so far I've almost completed a purse of my own invented pattern (read: folded-over square). Hopefully soon I'll be able to make cute little hats and even tops... all out of yarn. An incredible thing, crochet is. I've also found that when you crochet in public, you get lots of interesting reactions. For instance, in my physics class there are these guys who always sit and argue about who's better: MU or KU. It pretty much drives me crazy, and the other day I just had to interject with "You know who I'm a big fan of? 'Who the Hell Cares'!". However, while I was crocheting, one of the Highly Annoying Sport Fans asked if I was knitting, and before I could respond, the other Highly Annoying Sport Fan jumped in with "No, she's crocheting. Knitting is with two sticks, crocheting is with one stick with a hook. Duh.". At this, most of the class turned to give him quizzical (and slightly wary) looks.

Also, the (male) student teacher in Choir this quarter noticed me working and became immediately excited, saying that he "crochets like the wind!" and proceeded to show me a new stitch.

Once again, crocheting brings out the hidden things in people you'd never know about...


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