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Monday, October 27, 2003

Phew. I finally finished my Drury application essay. It's a bit longer than two pages, but it will do for now. Anyway, I'm sure I'll have to edit it quite a bit after les profs anglais look it over. I've got to go to this foreign film thing for English club tomorrow, which means I have to do 38 Calculus problems tomorrow afternoon... fun. Just a few thousand more admssion and scholarship applications to go....

I broke my TI-83!!!! I knew it was going to happen eventually, since I drop it about 29 times a day, but that doesn't make it any easier! The thing costs over $80. I hate wasting stuff. Drat those stupid heavy books that cause me to carry stuff funny and drop my calculator all the time!!! Grrr...

We went to art in the park yesterday and bought a bunch of batiks... went a little crazy. But there was this portrait of a Somalian woman, and we just couldn't let her go... she's beautiful, with sad but strong, soulful eyes, holding her child and surrounded by an ethereal swirl of batik'ed feminine power... very incredible. My parents put it in the yoga room, and I also got a smaller picture for my room. It's all lovely.

I took my brother and his friend to get costumes, and they took so long that I ended up getting board and trying on a purple egyption dancer costume while I waited, even though I already have my blue renaissance dress. I was supersexy.... yeah, not really. Cheap costumes are silly and weird fitting, but anyway it was fun. Speaking of costumes and stuff...

jack on mast
Uh-oh - you are "Stop blowing holes in my
ship!" You're a little bit edgy,
honestly, and it's getting in the way of your
natural charm. We understand that life can be
hard, but take a deep breath and have a drink.

Which one of Captain Jack Sparrow's bizarre sayings from Pirates of the Caribbean are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

But I have to get up early for madrigal tomorrow, and I have to read all kinds of crap about Paradise Lost, so I better go now. Shalom.


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