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Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Since the last entry sucked, I thought I'd try again.

I wore my Coldplay shirt today and got lots and *lots* of comments; mostly, "Coldplay! Yes! Best band ever!" because, well, it is. And a girl in my Calculus class (who I think is cool but don't really know) was talking to me about what she visualized when she listened to Clocks, and how completely awesome they were, and then we were talking about how they're one of the the only politically active bands out there anymore... and then we both said at nearly the same time... "Except U2!" She went on about how awesome Sunday Bloody Sunday was, and then I said, "I feel a little weird being attracted to Bono, since he's like, 50." and she was like, "No, it's not weird. He's awesome."

So it was really cool to find out this girl and I had a sort of... "band bond"... when we'd been around each other for almost 7 years but never known each other... all because of a Coldplay shirt.

And that is why Coldplay is the best band in the world.

Speaking of music, NO ONE has bought ANYTHING from me and Hannah's Music Unites Store. I am *serious* people!!! :-P Not really. I didn't expect it to make any money, but really, now I just feel unloved. :..-(

Huh. It's nearly 11:00 and I didn't do my homework all night. Oh well. The important thing is, I wrote this blog entry. And I filled out applications. A little bit.

Oh, oh, and HENNA PARTY!!! I really want to have a henna party. I need to get that together. Is Thursday okay for everyone? Hmmm?


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