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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

I have returned from my Spring Break hiatus and shall now update.

On Monday I went to the Lake (aka grandparents house) and attempted to work on a bridge I'm building as a physics project. I have to design it myself, and then built it out of the provided strips of wood, which are about 2.5mm square and about a half meter long each. I measure angles, cut small strips with razor blades, and then glue together with super glue. Easy, right? I certainly thought so. However, after about five minutes after looking at my plans, and then the wood, and then the plans again, I realized I'd have to completely go back to the drawing board. I've since redrawn the plan about five times, until I figured out that the graph paper was not the same size as the wood strips, as I had been told. I have now thrown the plan out.

On Tuesday I helped a friend prepare for her wedding, which is in August. I am a bridesmaid, and so I was taken around to the chapel, etc, to help with ideas and generally catch up. Later that evening I drove back to Springfield from Branson and saw Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, which was very good (Donnie Darko fans will adore it) except for the fact that Jim Carrey's character is pretty much exactly like a certain someone else (aka the guy who gave me psychotic emotional problems) so I was a little freaked out. He had the same mannerisms, looks, habits, tendancies, attitudes, and everything. Seriously creepy.

On Wednesday I got fitted for my bridesmaid's dress, which is actually cute and can be worn again. Yay.

On Thursday I left for (dun dun dunnn) the Camping Trip. Lets just say that three days of rain and extreme malnurishment followed. It wasn't pretty. Some of the sights were nice; I got to hike, boulder, and climb up a waterfall, but it rained almost the whole time and the water was on boil order. My aunt got hellishly sick from it. When I finally returned the following Saturday night, I was rather sick myself, but thankfully recovered by Sunday morning. Perhaps details will surface here later, but right now I'm still a little traumatized.

Sunday I took Nana (sort of adopted grandmother person) to lunch, then brought her back to my house where she insisted on doing laundry and dishes all afternoon. I think I would have had to physically harm her to tear her away from the clothes basket. I love Nana.

And that was Spring Break. Any questions? There are fun stories about the camping trip, as long as you weren't on it.


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