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Sunday, March 21, 2004

On why life as a writer never (truly) sucks, recently posted on Michael's blog:

As writers, life can never be bad for us. For normal people, good things are good, and bad things are bad. When bad things happen, they generally just suck, and there's no getting around it. Sure, the bad things might make them a stronger, smarter person, but there's no immediate concrete evidence of that. As writers, we are truly blessed, for when we are happy we rejoice in life, but when going through hardship we also find consolation in the fact that we'll gain so much more insight into things like disappointment, failure, and loss. As writers, we can celebrate 'misfortunes' as new material to draw from.

I hope that doesn't sound callus or shallow, because that's not how I intend it to be. For me, this realization just gives me lots of hope and joy through pain. Pain is not something to fear, mediocrity is.


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