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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Overhype much?

No, I'm not talking about Episode III. Episode III was awesome. Story was a little hard to follow at times for me, as in Eps I & II, because of all the foreign names for planets and characters and governments and blah blah blah... I can tell that it was easy enough for enthusiasts, but when you don't know the entire history of the galaxy, the subtle references and limited screentime for apparently important characters makes it alll very complicated. At least Anakin was all hot in his badass sort of way, y'know, until he got all deformed, and there were plenty of *really* *cool* *lightsaber* *battles*.

The overhype refers to me getting my wisdom teeth out this morning. I mean seriously, that was it? The IV didn't hardly hurt at all, the most freaky drug action I got was some mild hallucination with the flourescent lights on the ceiling, I was out like a light without even realizing it, and woke up an hour later perfectly capable of walking to the car entirely on my own. I was pissed when mom wouldn't let me practice piano when we got home. It has been a very boring day of watching very boring television, but everyone seems to think I need "rest." I'm about to go out of my frickin' mind here. Oh, and I haven't taken *any* pain medication and all I feel is a mild soreness. And people act like oral surgery is a day trip to the 3rd circle. Jeez, people.

So, to review: Eps III v. cool, Anakin v. hot in black leather badass Jedi clothes, oral surgery v. boring. Can I go outside yet?


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